HWID Working Conferences


HWID 2006: Designing for Human Work

Dates: 13-15 February, 2006
Venue: Madeira, Portugal
General Chairs: Pedro Campos, Torkil Clemmensen, Rikke Orngreen, Annelise Mark Pejtersen, William Wong
Number of participants: 20

HWID 2009: Usability in Social, Cultural and Organizational Contexts

Dates: 7-8 October, 2009
Venue: Pune, India
General Chairs: Dinesh Katre, Pradeep Yammiyavar, Torkil Clemmensen, Rikke Orngreen
Number of participants: 25

HWID 2012: Work Analysis and HCI

Dates: 5-6 December 2012
Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark
General Chair: Torkil Clemmensen
Number of participants: 25

HWID 2015: Work Analysis and Interaction Design Methods for Pervasive and Smart Workplaces

Dates: 25-26 June, 2015
Venue: London, United Kingdom
General Chair: Jose Abdelnour-Nocera
Number of participants: 26

HWID 2018: Designing Engaging Automation

Dates: 20-21 August, 2018
Venue: Espoo, Finland
General Chairs: Virpi Roto, Pedro Campos
Number of participants: 30

HWID 2021: AI and Designing for Positive Work Experiences in Low Desire Society

Dates: 15-16 May, 2021
Venue: Beijing, China + Online
General Chair: Barbara Rita Barricelli, Xiangang Qin
Number of participants: 132 on site + 31 online

HWID 2024 (More information will be announced in 2023)

Dates: TBA
Venue: Milan, Italy
General Chairs: Stefano Valtolina, Barbara Rita Barricelli