Sustainable Human-Work Interaction Designs

Organized by WG 13.6 Human Work Interaction Design and WG 13.10 Human-Centred Technology for Sustainability

29 August 2023, York, UK (full-day workshop)

In conjunction with INTERACT 2023


Sustainable HCI explores ways to design interactive systems in a more sustainable way and to make user behavior more sustainable. Social justice and equity aspects became emergent domains in HCI during the last decade. This workshop proposes to explore how HWID design methods can contribute to the implementation of environmental practices in the workplace, sustainable manufacturing processes, or socially fair systems and processes. This workshop aims to (a) investigate processes and methods for creating sustainable designs and workplaces, (b) collect case studies that analyze experiences with introducing and learning from sustainability at work, and (c) formulate a research agenda for future work on sustainable human-work interaction designs.

Topics of interest

Participants are asked to submit a position paper describing work on processes, methods, or results and evaluation of these to support (but not limited to):

  • digital sobriety
  • green IT
  • slow design, craft design
  • sustainable digitalization
  • users’ experience in sustainable environment
  • engagement in environmental behavior
  • system-organization fit, organizational implementation, or benefits realization

For further information, please read the workshop description paper.


Elodie Bouzekri

Elodie Bouzekri

University of Bordeaux (ESTIA), France

Barbara Rita Barricelli

Barbara Rita Barricelli

Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy.

Torkil Clemmensen

Torkil Clemmensen

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Morten Hertzum

Morten Hertzum

Roskilde University, Denmark

Masood Masoodian

Masood Masoodian

Aalto University, Finland

Program Committee

  • Arminda Guerra Lopes
  • Bhaskar Anant Garg
  • Dineshkumar Singh
  • Dorina Rajanen
  • Ganesh Bhutkar
  • Ines Di Loreto
  • Jose Abdelnour-Nocera
  • Philippe Palanque
  • Åsa Cajander
  • Shrikant Salve


Timezone: British Summer Time (GMT+1)

Welcome (E. Bouzekri & co-organizers)

Introduction to the workshop topic and program and presentation of the TC13 WG6 on Human Work Interaction Design and the WG10 on Human-Centred Technology for Sustainability.

Introduction to Sustainable Human-Work Interaction Designs (E. Bouzekri)

SESSION 1 - Presentation of position papers (B.R. Barricelli)

Each paper has 10 mins presentation + 10 mins Q&A.

Coffee Break

Lunch Break

SESSION 2 - Group Work (T. Clemmensen)

Description of a research agenda of sustainable human-work interaction designs as posters produced in groups.

Coffee Break

SESSION 2 - Group Work (T. Clemmensen)

Conclusion of group work

PLENARY (M. Herzum)

Plenum discussion and gallery presentation of posters.

Wrap-up and closing (at 17:00)

Instruction regarding post-conference reviewing and publishing. Proposition to co-author of a paper about the resulting research agenda of the workshop on sustainable human-work interaction designs.

Contact Us

For further information, send an email to: elodie [dot] bouzekri [at] estia [dot] fr